Legend Outdoor Advertising is a signage manufacturing company based in Delhi, with in-house teams of experts who have adequate knowledge and experience in fieldwork. The Inhouse team at Legend Outdoor Advertising have a complete understanding of how glow sign board can be beneficial and how is it different from that of others. Glow sign boards are usually confused with the Neon sign board and LED sign board. There is a fragile line between the varied categories, but they remain different from one another, and the difference has to be the limelight. Glow sign boards are placed more or less outside the buildings, and the sign board like Neon signages are for interior setups. Glow sign boards are multipurpose sign board we are the glow sign vendors, and business owners can use it for both internal and outdoor purposes, mostly the business owners come up with their vision of getting a glow sign board done. The glow sign board price isn't much but is reasonable as per the size and shape. The signage and the lighting should have an appropriate ring to it.

Why are Glow sign board more preferable than other signages?

Glow signboard is more considerable by the brands for the mere reason that they light up more beautifully, and they have a more robust lighting application than LED and Neon sign board. Glow, sign boards, have the right appeal that can be impactful in attracting consumer end or any passer-by person to have a look at the board and what it says. Flex Glow sign board has a considerable role to play, and that is the better it has solved its installation it lights up, the better it would be gazed at, the more it would reach out to people in the head. Glow sign boards stand out of the crowd and are variably different from other signages taken in use.

Glow sign boards are superior and advanced techniques of design and are easy to use. They're not too economical but enhance the business presence.

We at Legend Outdoor Advertising, make sure that the usage of the right kind of alloy is as per the requirements of the client.


Q1.  What is a glow signboard?

A.  Glow signboards are illuminated boards that are printed on vinyl/ flex sheets that are fixed on a frame made of metal. Tube lights are fixed in metal frames for the sign to glow at night or in the dark.

Q2.  Why choose Legend Outdoor Advertising for glow signboards?

A.   Legend Outdoor Advertising are glow signboard manufacturers in Delhi. We manufacture the boards with utmost care and high-end designs.

Q3.  What would be the cost of a glow signboard?

A.  The cost of a glow signboard depends upon its size.

Q4.  Where can you use glow signboards?

A.   We can use glow signboards for dental clinics, glow signboards for restaurants and glow signboards for beauty parlours.

Q5.  Do we have round glow signboards?

A.  Yes, We have round glow signboards.