We have been the foremost manufacturers of Signages for more than two decades now; we have been dealing in the quality signages that can create a mark in the market for your brand, and that stands out. We have an in-house team of designers and an in-house team of assemblers. Our Team at Legend Outdoor Advertising has expertise in the fieldwork and stands firm on grounds to provide clients with the best products. 3D brass letter sign boards are also known for the appealing and elegant visual that they have. We can assemble Brass letter sign boards with or without LEDs as well. It's not the same thing, but there have been instances when people have considered it to be similar. Brass letter sign boards have always been taken into consideration while planning interiors of the restaurant & bar or panelling of the outdoors.

Determining the appropriate alloy for your brand signage is not something that should be a relaxed decision for you. Signage has a very notable performance and the metal chosen for that must be amended with all the factors. Your signage is usually the main attraction that somebody encounters when they come to visit you, In most cases, Brand signage creates a differing impact on the gazer. When it comes to 3D brass LED letter sign boards they make a very extraordinary impact. Brass is an alloy that has varying benefits attached to it, which makes it even more wonderful to have it used for your Impeccable sign board.

Brass is one of those alloys that companies use to attract clientele with the stunning and elegant look of the brass signboard. They are strong and can be appealing for the viewer to have the curiosity to know more. Not only that, but also they have excellence in corrosion resistance and efficiently persevere slandering under any state.

Brass sign boards are lightweight to be fixed, which makes it even easier for the brands to make the right choice for their signages with comfort kept in heads. Brass signboards can be used indoors aswell as outdoors the building as well. Brass Signage crafted with super minute detailings bring in the right brand identity to the company even if they are formed with LED lights or without them. Assembled 3D Brass sign letters and numbers can be shaped into a diversity of forms and even compose simple logo designs.

We at Legend Outdoor Advertising, make sure to guide our alliances right about the meals that can fit in with their requirements.


Q1.  What is a 3D brass letter?

A.  3D brass letters are made up of brass which is an alloy with outstanding gleam and refined appearance.

Q2.  Why choose Legend Outdoor Advertising for 3D Brass letter signboards?

A.  We will deliver you 3D brass letter signboards of unmatched quality and a sophisticated overall look.

Q3.  What is the price of 3D brass letter signboards?

A.  The price of the 3D brass letter signboards is decided according to the size requirements of clients.